Jacquelyn Rose

Workshops: Marketing for a Sustainable Future Series

Workshops empower attendee with marketing and sales techniques which spotlight self-care and community involvement. Each 2 hour interactive workshop imparts attendee with real marketing skills they can use daily to transform their lives.

With 35 years experience in sales and marketing, an educational background (and lifetime)  seeped in  climate, social, economic and cultural justice activism, and entrepreneurial success, I would like to empower you with social and business acumen while encouraging self-care and mindfulness. Each workshop can be taken by itself, and builds as a whole.

* Networking & Communication

* The Power of Stories

*  Impacts of the Digital Age: critical thought about the messages we receive and share.

* Your Message: How You Show Up

…includes a section on self care, mindfulness, diet & purchasing choices

* Buy Local & How You Can Formulate Your World

Includes information on employee rights, gig economy & entrepreneurial work, purchase power

Community Action, Circles of influence, Local Empowerment

*Reiki 1 : Learn to heal yourself and your family with Universal Energy

Red Rebel Brigade, Boston. Silent Climate Action Performance Troup 2020-present
As Yet UnNamed ~ Interactive Art
Brockton Public Library 
Main Branch 304 Main St, Brockton 
Artist: Jacquelyn Rose
Oil on Canvas

“As Yet Unnamed,” an oil on canvas, features an empty book and other images that speak to the artist about the library experience.

Jacquelyn is an interactive performance artist focused on the Universal Energy that connects all matter.

Barkasourus, Shagbark, White birch, seaglass. J. Rose 2020

Jacquelyn’s art work celebrates humanity’s connection to the natural world. Tile, rock, wood, bark, yarn, acrylic and oil paints as well as graphic design have all found their way into her workbench.

Member, Red Rebel Brigade 2020 – present
Silent Environmental Activist Performance Troop
Reiki Master Certification, 2018
with Rev. Sharon Dickinson, Roman Catholic Womanpriest

Masters in Theology, 2017 Andover Newton Theological School
Concentration on Interfaith Communication
Holy Fire Reiki Certification with Master Rachelle Croteau

BuzzAround, Inc, Co-Founder, President. Creates layout & website design. Est. 2009 Digital communication social entrepreneurship. Hyper focused on positive local news. Publishes to 15,000 subscribers.

BA Communication Arts, Concentration in Art / Design Emmanuel College, Boston, MA 1987